“Deluxe” Aluminum Extruded Slat with Noise Reduction


  • Designed with double wall aluminum extruded profile, it integrates the latest research in sound reduction technology for residential and commercial use. This is achieved by introducing hard extruded PVC in the groove section and co-extruded (soft / hard) PVC in the hook section of the profile

  • Four different designs of aluminum extruded slats are available: GP 45L , GP 55L, GP 56L and GP 62L. They can be flat shape or curved. Each type has its own characteristics and advantages. For ventilation and luminosity purposes, they can be either perforated or non-perforated at client's request
  • The specially designed end cap is injected with polyamide and reinforced with a zamak counter plate. The combined set is fixed with screws, ensuring maximum rigidity. In order to upgrade the system to theft and to storm resistance, the end cap is fitted with an additional component
  • An aluminum vertical guide, equipped with 2 hard PVC profiles, keeps frictions at a minimum. Two fins inside the guide help the slat not to come apart of the track, resulting in wider openings.
  • The GP 55L is recommended for extra-large openings.




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Click here for GP 45L technical datasheet
Click here for GP 55L technical datasheet 
Click here for GP 56L technical datasheet 
Click here for GP 62L technical datasheet 

GP 55LGP 55L

GP 45L a 



GP 45 L   

GP 56LGP 56l-62LGP 62L


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