Roll formed Aluminum Injected Slat (Medium Density)

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  •  The slats are manufactured by a roll forming process from pre-painted aluminum coils and injected with CFC free polyurethane foam (PU) of constant density. The later increases the rigidity and creates well insulated slats of high quality
  • During the continuous process of production, shadow lines are shaped into the slats for strength and attractive patterns. For ventilation purposes, they can be either perforated or non-perforated at client's request
  • An aluminum vertical guide, equipped with polypropylene brushes, ensures a stable curtain shutter motion
  • The aluminum terminal profile is equipped with a groove to fit a manual lock for enhanced security
  • These slats can be fitted with a manual or a motorized opening mechanisms to satisfy all needs
  • A variety of colors are available to match any architectural choice
  • Two types of polyurethane density are available for slats: 
       - Normal density 70 kg/m³  
       - High density 300 kg/m³
  • Normal density roll formed aluminum injected slat: 
       - Three types of normal density slats are available: LI 40, LI 42, LI 45 and LI 55
  • The standard density of PU (70 kg/m³) creates rigid and well insulated slats to temperature and noise
  • Each type of slat has a well designed end-cap to be fixed by staples



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Click here for LI 40 technical datasheet
Click here for LI 42 technical datasheet
Click here for LI 45 technical datasheet
Click here for LI 55 technical datasheet

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