- 11/07/2019:  Folda's renewal of ISO 9001:2015

We at  Folda are delighted to announce ...>>more 

- 15/2/2019:GP 45L:New Extruded Aluminum Slat

FOLDA has introduced a new Extruded Aluminum Slat GP 45L ...>>more

-13/8/2018: SharkNet: Pleated Insect Screen 

FOLDA has launched a new Pleated Insect Screen for Big openings - SharkNet ...>>more 

-24/5/2018: New line of Architectural Hardware & Accessories

FOLDA has launched a new line of Architectural Hardware and Accessories 

-11/10/2016: DeWall Bi-fold Door System

FOLDA is in the process of launching a new Bi-fold Aluminum Door System ...>>more

-9/28/2015: Folding & Sliding Shutter System: FLF 45

FOLDA set up a new Folding & Sliding Shutter System FLF 45 ...>>more

-9/16/2015: Disabled Threshold System: DT System

FOLDA launched a new Disabled Threshold System ...>>more

-15/12/2014: New Louver System: FLL

FOLDA launched a New Louver System: FLL ...>>more

- 09/04/2013: FOLDA 2020

In the making of the "FOLDA 2020" project, Folda has signed ...>> more

- 19/03/2013: New Extruded Aluminum Slat: GP 55L

Folda is pleased to announce the launch of a new ...>> more

- 13/02/2013: Folda's renewal of ISO 9001:2008

We at Folda are delighted to announce ....>> more

- 08/1/2013: Folda Expands Operations in Lebanon

Folda's new plant picture...>> more

- 01/10/2012: Our Company Logo is changing!

Folda is changing its logo...>> more

- 30/03/2012: Folda is expanding

Folda is consolidating, renewing and expanding its facilities...>> more

- 08/02/2012: Folda's Website Live!

Folda is pleased to announce the release of its new redesigned website...>> more

- 22/05/2010: Folda's Rolling Shutters

Folda's Rolling Shutters provide Protection, Security and Saving...>> more

- 16/02/2009: Folda now in Qatar

Folda is pleased to announce to its costumer the inauguration of its contracting subsidarie...>> more


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