Insect Screen Systems

Insect Screen Systems for Doors, Windows and Pergolas have completed FOLDA’s main line of closure products. Our range of screens covers different needs and surfaces, from small spaces to large areas.

They are extremely easy to install almost anywhere and at any time – whether on new buildings or during renovations. They are made of high-quality material and offer perfect functionality.

FOLDA’s Insect Screen Systems are custom-made solutions, ensuring: protection against insects, natural ventilation and energy savings. They are available in three models:


A patented System and Pleated net, SharkNet has the advantages of closing large areas, with only 22 mm of installation space, and different positions and configurations.

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Scorpion is a horizontal insect screen system suitable for French windows and doors. This barrier-free system features a combination of a flat mesh and a wind-resistant aluminum tube, making it an ideal solution for areas exposed to strong winds.

Vertical Net

It is retractable Vertical Net, offering a wide range of versatile solutions for windows and doors. It can be fully opened or closed using a spring mechanism or a cord, while stability in case of wind is ensured by a special lateral guide.