Rolling Shutters

With over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing and supplying of aluminum rolling shutters and their main components, FOLDA is well positioned to offer high quality products manufactured by experts.

FOLDA is known for being a leader in its field, having an experienced workforce and qualified technical and engineering support.

FOLDA rolling shutters are engineered for the highest level of durability, strength and functionality. They are distributed world-wide by a reliable network of authorized dealers.

FOLDA’s rolling shutters are designed for a variety of both residential and commercial applications.
Three lines of rolling shutters are available: Extruded,  Injected and Vision V100.

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The extruded slat range is composed of 2 lines: Standard and Deluxe.

Three STANDARD types of extruded aluminum slats are available:
GP 45, GP 45+ and GP 45S.

The main advantage of the GP 45 line over the traditional extruded slat is its flatness inside and out, which allows it to fit almost any architectural design. For ventilation and lighting purposes, they can be perforated or not, as per the customer’s requirements.

Five types of extruded aluminum DELUXE slats are available:
GP 45L, GP 55L, GP 56L, GP 62L and Solux S20.

The system is theft and weather resistant. It can also cover larger openings.

New noise reduction technology has been developed. For ventilation and lighting purposes, the slats can be perforated or unperforated at the customer’s request.


The injected slats are manufactured by a process of roll forming pre-painted aluminum coils and injected with CFC-free polyurethane foam (PU) of constant density. This process results in sufficiently rigid and high-quality insulated slats.

Five types of normal density slats are available:
LI 40, LI 42, LI 45, LI 55 and LI 55SL.

The normal density of the PU (70 kg/m3) produces rigid slats with thermal and acoustic insulation.

Each type of slat has a well-designed end cap to be fixed with staples, which ensures better stability of the shutter when rolled up. The aluminum end profile is equipped with a groove to accommodate a manual lock for added security.

The high-density slat is offered with the LI 55HD

The high density of the PU (300 kg/m3) provides extra rigidity to the injected, roll-formed slats. The result is an aesthetically pleasing solution that provides better protection against intrusion and better insulation against noise and thermal variations.

To increase the system’s resistance to theft and storms, the end cap is equipped with an additional component. The aluminum vertical guide, equipped with two fins, also prevents the slat from coming out of the rail.


Vision V100 is one of our most multifunctional products. It is used in commercial and industrial applications, as well as in elegant residential projects. Vision V100 is an excellent option for covering large openings while maintaining visibility and providing a high standard of security.

The transparent shutters are assembled from polycarbonate materials that are arranged and connected in a brick band pattern. This material is 250 times stronger than glass of the same thickness, making it the best solution used for security purposes.

Vision V100 provides up to 80% vision, allowing it to continue to enhance storefronts and commercial spaces, even when businesses are closed.

Vision V100 fully complies with the CTBA fire resistant shutter standard, M2 Classification

Typical Applications: Shop Fronts, Retail Premises. Museums. Banks, Exhibition Centers…

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