GP 55L

Designed as double wall aluminum extruded profile, GP 55L offers   noise reduction and high moment of inertia as main advantages. The former is achieved by introducing hard extruded PVC in the groove section and co-extruded (soft / hard) PVC in the hook section of the profile. GP 55L is designed to be used in residential and commercial buildings.

The aluminum vertical guide of GP 55L is equipped with 2 hard PVC profiles, keeping frictions at a minimum. Two fins inside the guide help the slat not to come apart of the track, allowing for wider openings.

The main feature of GP 55L is its versatility. It can be rolled inward and outward without changing the external appearance of the closure.


Nominal thickness 12.5 mm
Nominal height 55 mm
Units per meter 18.1 units
Maximum recommended width 5500 mm
Weight 11.0 kg/ m²
Minimum axle rolling diameter 70 mm

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