Window & Door Systems

FOLDA is a major supplier of energy-saving, design-oriented Window and Door Systems. These systems come in five different types:

New: Invisio Minimalist System

– Bi-fold Folding & Sliding Thermal Systherm

– Thermal Lift & Slide / Sliding Systherm

– Thermal Hinged Systherm

– FLC 104® Sliding System

– FLO 48® Hinged System

FOLDA’s Window and Door Systems offer maximum performance features to meet various construction needs and requirements, from new builds to renovations. Their versatility in both height and width contributes to their application to all types of premises, including residential apartments, villas, commercial complexes, hotels and institutions.

All systems have been tested according to European standards. Their performance is outstanding in terms of high wind load, water penetration and air infiltration. They are suitable for both small and large openings. They can be equipped with a mosquito net for added comfort and protection.