Vision V100

VISION V100 offers optimal transparency and perfect security protection.

VISION V100 is more resistant and less corrosive than the traditional steel shutter.                                   

This new see-through shutter lights up the heart of the streets, making window shops more productive at night.

VISION V100 is made of P.C.P (Personalized Composite Polymer) and reinforced with aluminum tubes ? 16 mm. It offers a very stylish look, an anti-rust characteristic and UV stabilized. The shutter can be motorized by a central or a tubular motor.

Other great features of VISION V100: durability and extreme rigidity, resistant to violent shocks and protection from any housebreaking attempt (Unbreakable Composite Polymer).

VISION V100 is a flame-retardant shutter according to CTBA tests, class M2


Nominal height 83 mm
Units per meter 12 units
Maximum recommended width 6000 mm
Weight 8.5 kg/ m²
Minimum axle rolling diameter 89 mm
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