Solux S20

SOLUX S20 System is made of extruded aluminum profile, offering greater protection than the standard

injected slat. The geometry section of the profile offers the transparency needed in the shade position. Whenever the angle of sunlight penetration is greater than 25°, the sunlight is rejected and the excess heat is filtered out, applying the latest energy-saving technology.


The S20 profile section has a more attractive appearance as a result of a new design of the vertical guide.

The vertical guide is equipped with two hard PVC profiles to reduce friction to a minimum. The SOLUX S20 system is more resistant to theft and weathering by having two fins integrated into the inside of the guide.


Nominal thickness 8 mm
Nominal height 20 mm
Units per meter  50 units
Maximum recommended width 4500 mm
Weight 12.0 kg/ m²
Minimum axle rolling diameter 40 mm

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