GP 45S

GP 45S is an extruded slat, designed as a double wall aluminum profile. It is extruded with a double tubular section and a central reinforcement, offering great strength and weather proof solutions.
GP 45 S is used in both residential or commercial applications.

The advantage of GP 45S over the traditional extruded slat is its flatness internally and externally, making it adaptable to almost any architectural design.

GP 45S aluminum vertical guide is extruded with tubular section for more reinforcement and it is equipped with 2 hard PVC profiles for minimum friction. Two fins inserted in the guide prevent the slat from getting out of the track.


Nominal thickness 10.5 mm
Nominal height 45 mm
Units per meter 22.2 units
Maximum recommended width 4500 mm
Weight 12.0 kg/ m²
Minimum axle rolling diameter 70 mm

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